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Hi there, nice to meet you!

We are Mithras Bert and Lore Kimps, a couple that not only loves to live together, but also loves to work together. For a few years now, we have been living as sustainably as possible, and not much later we switched to a vegan lifestyle. After digging through hundreds of ingredient lists and finding out the origin of products, we decided to take matters into our own hands. With ETIKL, we turned our new hobby into our profession: we offer a 100% vegan, sustainable and ethical collection, combined with a magazine that provides you with clear information.

Are you trying to make sustainable choices, or are you starting to switch to a vegan diet? Then our story may be familiar to you. There are countless ways in which brands claim their products are harmless to the environment, people or animals. They fall back on unclear labels, invent their own label, you name it. It is almost impossible to find out what all these labels mean, and which of them you can trust. That's why we launched ETIKL: an umbrella, completely vegan and environmentally friendly concept, where we do the research for you. A place where you can't make a 'wrong choice'. With Lore's background as a journalist and marketer, and Mithras' experience in sales, the idea for a sustainable webshop slash magazine was born on a Friday night in our living room.

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We genuinely do care

ETIKL was created to make your life easier. We are constantly looking for young, hip brands that fit our philosophy, so you can shop here without a care in the world. We put together our collection based on a series of strict criteria: production method, material, packaging, transport, animal welfare, water consumption, social commitment, etc. In this way, we support sustainable, vegan and ethical brands and reward sustainable innovation.

We think it is very important that you, as a consumer, know what and from whom you are buying something. And that's where we want to make a difference: we want you to know what we are doing, and we want to show you how passionate we are about sustainability. If you like us, follow us personally on social media (@lorekimps and @mithrasbert).

Our magazine

With ETIKL, we run more than a webshop: we complement our shop with a reliable and high-quality online magazine. Lore's sharp pen and Mithras' reading microbe make sure that maintaining a magazine doesn't feel like work. On the contrary: we are so engrossed in the topic of 'sustainability' that we love to share our research with you. Through ETIKL Magazine, we share our experiences and tell stories that matter.

We take a critical view of the world, and that's exactly why we promise to set the bar high for ourselves as well. We are strict with our partners, because ETIKL must remain 100 per cent vegan, cruelty-free, sustainable and ethical. If one of our partners does not meet our criteria, you can rely on us to take the necessary steps.

In other words: we hope to help you take a big step forward in your search for the sustainable lifestyle that suits you best, both via our webshop and our magazine.