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Our Story

Hi there! Nice to meet you. Let us introduce ourselves: we are Mithras Bert and Lore Kimps, an enthusiastic entrepreneurial duo. As a couple, we have been living as sustainably as possible for a few years now and switched to a vegan lifestyle some time ago. An adjustment that we not only found wonderfully refreshing, but one in which we also saw business opportunities.

We quickly realised that too much is asked of the critical consumer. If you are a vegan, you are constantly going through lists of ingredients. If you shop ethically, you have to research every brand thoroughly. If you invest in sustainable items, you often have to deal with greenwashing. In other words, we needed an all-vegan, eco-friendly concept store. A place where you can't make a 'bad choice'. With Lore's background as a journalist and marketer, and Mithras' experience in sales, the idea for a sustainable webshop slash magazine was born on a Friday night in our living room.

We genuinely do care

ETIKL was founded to unburden you. We are constantly looking for young, trendy labels that fit our philosophy, so you can shop carefree. We put together a collection based on a series of strict criteria: production methods, materials, packaging, transport, animal welfare, water consumption, social commitment, etc. In this way, we support sustainable, vegan and ethical brands and reward sustainable innovation.

Not only professionally, but also in our personal lives we are non-stop looking for 'better' choices. We get involved as volunteers, save shelter animals, avoid aeroplane trips, ... We find it very important that you, as a consumer, know what and from whom you are buying something. And that is where we want to make a difference: we want you to know what we are doing, and we want to show you how passionate we are about sustainability. If you like to keep track of us, follow us personally on social media (@lorekimps and @mithrasbert).

Information is everything

With ETIKL, we run more than an ethical webshop: we complement our online shop with a reliable and qualitative online magazine. Lore's creative writing and Mithras' reading addiction make sure that maintaining a magazine doesn't feel like work. On the contrary: we are so interested in sustainability that we enjoy sharing our research. With ETIKL Magazine we tell stories that matter, and that the critical consumer needs to hear.

We look at the world with a critical eye, and that is exactly why we promise to be critical of ourselves as well. We are strict with our partners, because ETIKL must remain 100 per cent vegan, cruelty-free, sustainable and ethical. If one of our partners no longer meets our criteria, you can rely on us to take the necessary steps. So sit back, relax and enjoy some carefree shopping or get inspired by our magazine.