Bath Salt Set


This set of four types of bath salts (25 grams each) comes in a box with dried flowers and a linen bag. Fill the bag with the luxury salt and let it float in your (foot) bath. This way, the leaves do not end up in the drain and do not stick to your skin either.

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The four types of bath salts each have a different effect on your body:

  • Cocoon: himalaya & rose petal
    Himalayan salt balances your body, strengthens your immune system, purifies and harmonises. Rose petal provides warmth and harmony, gives your skin a boost and slows down the formation of wrinkles.
  • Confidence: celtic sea & cornflower
    Celtic sea salt is the softest bath salt in the world and helps to gain self-confidence and a positive self-image. It also has a high magnesium content, which is very good for your muscles. Cornflower, on the other hand, has a strong medicinal effect. It is effective for menstrual problems. But few people know about its wonderful natural effects.
  • Nourish: epsom & camomile
    Epsom bath salts help against stress, nourish your muscles and give you the instant spa effect. Chamomile helps against restlessness, makes you fall asleep more easily and gives you a Zen feeling.
  • Calm: Dead Sea & Lavender
    Dead Sea salt relaxes, nourishes your muscles, purifies the skin and removes dead cells; a super gentle scrub without the need to exfoliate! Lavender has a calming effect on your mood.