Ceramic Beads for Water Filtration


These ceramic beads are true wizards that filter your tap water and make it a lot tastier. They help reduce the lime content and bad taste of your tap water to an absolute minimum. Place the beads in a litre of water and wait 10 minutes. There, your water is clean again!

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This bag with 15 ceramic beads originates from Japan. What do they do? Chlorine evaporates, impurities in the tap water are broken down and limescale is neutralised. The use of ceramic beads is the perfect way to avoid plastic, has a high ecological impact, and saves you money.

First use:

Boil the 15 beads in water for 15 minutes. Then put them in your carafe and fill it with tap water. When using for the first time, wait for about 30 minutes until all the water has been filtered. If the carafe is empty, you can immediately fill it with water and wait only ten minutes.


  • The pearls have a shelf life of about ten years, unless they are mechanically worn, for example if a pearl is cracked, we recommend replacing it.
  • As soon as the function of the pearls seems to diminish, due to an accumulation of lime inside the pearl, it is advisable to boil them again, as at the first use.
  • Washing the bag at 30° is recommended.


  • Ceramic beads made in Japan.
  • 100% OEKO-TEX® certified cotton pouch. The pouch is made in the Hauts de France in workshops for people in social reintegration situations.