Loofah Sponge


This rough beauty sponge is made of loofah, a plant fibre from the same family as the cucumber. Big advantage? When you have used up the loofah, nothing really remains. It just disappears!

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The rough texture of loofah provides effective exfoliation and is ideal for body care. Use it in circular movements to remove dead skin cells and your skin will shine again! The loofah sponge is also perfect for preparing the skin for shaving, as the exfoliation lifts the hairs from the skin’s surface.

Material: Loofah (also spelled as luffa). Loofah is a tropical fruit from the cucumber family (Cucurbitaceae). When loofah ripens, the plant dries out and contains solid fibres inside. The loofah plant is peeled to preserve only the inside and there it is, the sponge! Loofah is 100% natural and completely biodegradable.

Dimensions: approximately 15 x 7cm
Packaging: none
Directions for use: moisten before each use to soften the fibres
Weight: 20 grams
Made in: France