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6 baby steps towards sustainable bathroom habits

Want to get yourself into a sustainable beauty routine? It's not as hard as you think! With these tips, you can start a more eco-friendly bathroom routine today.

If you want to adopt sustainable bathroom habits, it can sometimes be a bit of a puzzle to decide which changes to make first. To help you on your way, here are the most accessible tips to make your bathroom routine a whole lot more sustainable.

Limit disposable products

If you have to describe the essence of a sustainable bathroom routine, it starts with limiting disposable products as much as possible. This means disposable razors, cotton balls or ear sticks. Instead, buy washable versions that last a lifetime, or for example a razor blade that only needs to be replaced from time to time.

Buy as little plastic as possible

Shampoo, shower gel, conditioner, hand soap, creams, toothpaste or even toothbrushes: it may seem difficult to banish all that plastic from your bathroom, but today it is easier than ever. Shampoo, shower gel, conditioner and hand soap are now available in the form of a bar, a plastic-free, solid bar of soap that you store in a reusable soap dish. Toothbrushes and ear sticks also come in plastic-free variants, sometimes made of bamboo, and even toothpaste comes in powder form. And these products can now even be found in many supermarkets and online shops. So it's easy to find!

Choose vegan and cruelty free

Many cosmetic products are still tested on animals or contain ingredients of animal origin. Not only are these practices not animal-friendly, they are also not sustainable. Today, animals take up a huge proportion of the earth's surface, livestock farming takes up water and we fill countless acres with plantations to grow cattle feed. And yet cosmetics can be perfectly vegan and cruelty-free. Therefore, it is best to check the labels of cosmetic products and look for one of the labels below. Here you can read more about how to recognise vegan and/or cruelty-free cosmetics.

If you want to follow an animal-friendly and ecological beauty routine, everything starts with the question 'Are your cosmetics vegan? You can find out how to check this in the article below.If you want to follow an animal-friendly and ecological beauty routine, everything starts with the question 'Are your cosmetics vegan? You can find out how to check this in the article below.

Choose less, but better products

De-cluttering makes us happier, so it's time to do a big clean up in your bathroom closet. Use your old products and choose their successors wisely. Take your time to select beauty products that are truly sustainable and choose cosmetics that really suit your skin type. Once you have found your new favourite brand or product, don't waste time looking for one that is ethical and simply good.

Reduce your water and energy consumption

Of course, sustainable bathroom habits are about more than just the products you buy - it's also about how you use the bathroom. For example, take a good look at your own water and energy consumption in the bathroom. Is there room for improvement? For example, make sure you don't run the tap while brushing your teeth, turn off the shower tap when soaping up your hair and don't leave the light on unnecessarily.

There you go: these simple tips will already have made a huge difference. Want to stay tuned for more saving tips and inspiration for a vegan lifestyle? Stay tuned on Facebook, Instagram or at