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What plant-based alternatives to cheese are out there?

Do you follow a plant-based diet and love cheese? Especially for you, ETIKL Magazine searched for the best vegan alternatives to cheese. And fortunately there are many.

The thing you hear most from people who have recently gone vegan or plant-based is that they have a hard time missing cheese. Those who have already taken the first step and became vegetarian have often found their joy in cheese. But what vegan alternatives to cheese are available?

Yeast flakes

This is our favourite. Yeast flakes, as the name suggests, are made from vegetable yeast. You can buy it in a flaky powder with a nice cheddar flavour. We like to use them as a topping for pastas, in a vegetable burger or on oriental rice dishes.

Vegetable cheese slices

In the supermarket, you will find a fairly wide range of vegan alternatives to cheese, some tastier than others. All vegan cheese slices have one thing in common: it takes a while to get used to their texture and taste. Whereas animal cheese starts to 'sweat' when it reaches room temperature, vegetable cheese remains very firm in texture. But once you get used to it, you hardly miss the animal-based version.

Vegetable grated cheese

As well as sliced cheese, there are also quite a few varieties of grated cheese available in the supermarket. And contrary to what many people think, vegetable cheese can indeed melt and become crispy. It just takes a little longer.

Dried onion flakes

Does a cheese substitute have to look like cheese? Not at all. A crispy topping often gives the same extra dimension to your dish as a layer of cheese. Dried onion flakes can be a tasty alternative.

Chopped and briefly fried nuts and seeds

Just as dried onion flakes do not look like cheese, but are a tasty topping, coarsely chopped, shortly fried nuts and seeds are an added crunch. By changing varieties regularly, your nut and seed drawer becomes as valuable as your spice cupboard.

Do you know of any other vegan alternatives to cheese, and would you like to share them with us? Give us a shout via Facebook, Instagram or at