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14 practical tips to save water and energy

Saving money and using less energy? It's not as hard as you think. ETIKL Magazine lists the most feasible tips for you.

Do you want to be more conscious with your budget or do you simply want to save  energy? Then it is important to consistently take a number of specific things into account. We have listed the most efficient energy saving tips for you.

  • Do not take a bath, but a short shower.
    (Difference: 90 litres of water per shower)
  • Install a water-saving shower head.
    (saving of 6 litres of water per minute)
  • Have your heating system checked and maintained annually.
    (saving of 5 to 7 percent on heating costs)
  • If your heating system ‘ticks’, vent your radiators.
    (savings of about 25 euros a year)
  • Turn off the heating in rooms where nobody is present.
    (savings of up to 7 percent on heating costs)
  • Descale your appliances regularly.
    (savings of 20 to 30 euros per year and appliances last longer)
  • Use low-energy and LED bulbs.
    (savings of around 100 euros a year)
  • Turn down the heating one degree lower than you would normally do.
    (savings of around 90 euros a year)
  • Compare the prices of green energy suppliers.
    (savings of up to 200 euros per year)
  • Put a reminder in your agenda and check your consumption every month.
    (you’ll notice leaks and defects more quickly, which can save you thousands of euros)
  • Do something about your standby consumption: switch off devices that you are not using completely.
    (savings of up to 75 euros per year)
  • Cook on residual heat, so switch off your cookers sooner.
    (savings of up to 30 euros per year)
  • Do your laundry at 30 degrees, hot cycle at 60 degrees.
    (savings: 40 to 60 euros per year)
  • Unplug adapters when you’re not using them.
    (savings of 15 to 20 euros per year)

So you see, smart use of energy and water can save you a lot of money. Have you tested another tip? Let us know via Facebook, Instagram or send us a message at