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10 ecological Christmas gifts (that also save you money)

10 ecological gifts, Christmas gift ideas, eco-friendly

In times of crisis, you want to give gifts that the other person can really use. Things that are useful, that don’t break easily and gifts that, ideally, will save you money in the long run. To help you hit the bull’s-eye on ecological gifts this year-end, we’ve listed 10 top gifts.

A reusable drinking bottle

A water bottle that keeps your water nice and fresh and your coffee nice and hot is a top gift. With a small investment, you save the recipient of your gift quite a bit of money and waste. You encourage him or her to drink more tap water (and water in general) and you avoid buying PET bottles. A good impact on the environment, the wallet and the health of your friend or family member!

A hamam towel

Hamam towels are cotton towels that are first of all much nicer than the towels you usually see in our bathrooms, but they are also ecological and money-saving. They are extremely compact, so dozens of large hamam towels fit in one washing machine. When you hang them up afterwards, they dry in no time, so there is no need to use a dryer.

Soap bars

No more disposable bottles in the bathroom! Soap bars are not only beautiful eye-catchers to place in a stylish soap dish on the cabinet, they are also a pleasure for the environment because they can be sold packaging- and plastic-free. Finally, a soap bar easily diffuses a pleasant aroma in the bathroom, which also makes you feel wonderfully clean when you walk into the bathroom.

Reusable kitchen utensils

Reusable baking paper, kitchen paper, straws, sponges that last longer, … for every disposable kitchen product, there is an ecological alternative that is easy to clean and lasts for years. Consider putting together a nice set of such products and please the kitchen prince(s) in your family with this gift.

Shave with style

Disposable razors are completely out of date. People today are looking for solid, beautiful products that are worth keeping on the bathroom cabinet in plain sight. A reusable razor that only requires you to replace the blade itself is the prime example of a product that can save you a lot of waste as well as a lot of money.

Washing and drying eggs

We think this is one of the most blissfully ecological gifts around. Washing and drying eggs eliminate the need for detergent and fabric softener, and significantly reduce the running time of your dryer. The latter saves you quite a bit of electricity, something more than welcome in just about all households today.

Refillable cleaning sprays

Not only is this another budget-friendly and ecological gift, it is yet another product that is simply beautiful to look at. No more cheap looking cleaning sprays and finally there is a handsome set of sprays that does its job, smells great and is easily refillable.

Durable toys

Nothing is more frustrating than expensive toys that break down right away. So invest in toys that are durable, that last a long time. Wooden toys are a good example of this, surviving generations of children playing. Isn’t it wonderful that toys a child gets from you last for years and don’t end up in the trash immediately? Top investment, then!

Plastic-free and sustainable makeup

It’s no secret: a lot of money is usually spent on expensive, non-ecological and often plastic-wrapped makeup. So opt for an affordable, ecological and equally high-quality variant, giving a top gift for a limited budget that also makes people rethink their classic buying habits at the drugstore.

The best baby care

A little one in the family or in your circle of friends? You can also give them gifts that are sustainable and reusable, such as a nice high-quality wrapping blanket or plastic-free (and even reusable) baby wipes. Give a gift that means something and is also useful for the young parents themselves.

ETIKL 10 ecological gifts christmas sustainable inspiration 1Also reusable gift wrap?

Ever heard of furushiki? High time you could answer ‘yes’ to this! Furushiki cloths originate in Japan and replace disposable gift wrap. They are cotton cloths in many different sizes and colors that you can use to wrap your gifts in a beautiful and festive way. Not difficult and you give someone something they can use for years. Great, right?



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