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Donate toys or stuffed animals? These charities are delighted to receive them

Want to do a good deed? Then support a charity or local aid centre and donate toys and cuddly toys. You can find out how and where to do that here.

Would you like to give some warmth to another family? Then there are many ways in which you can make a real difference. You can donate toys and cuddly toys, for example, in one of the ways listed below.

Share it in charity groups on social media

There are hundreds of charity groups on social media, where you can post a message with photos of things you want to collect for free. Many underprivileged or disadvantaged families follow these groups to get clothes, toys or household goods for free. Find the group of the city or municipality where you live, share a picture of the cuddly toys you are giving away and you will undoubtedly get an enthusiastic response.

Oxfam Solidarity

Spread across Belgium, there are almost 600 collection containers and 38 second-hand shops of Oxfam Solidarity, where you can donate clothing as well as old toys and cuddly toys. These items are offered at rock-bottom prices, just like in a second-hand shop, to anyone who is interested.

A local help centre

In every village or town there are small organisations that are in direct contact with underprivileged families. You can donate toys or cuddly toys by contacting such an organisation, asking them if you can help with this and then take the items to one of the employees.

An asylum seekers' centre (ASC) in your neighbourhood

Several families that arrived in our country live in asylum seekers' centres and don’t own a lot of stuff. These are often families with young children who could really use a warm gift such as some toys or a teddy bear. So contact a shelter in your neighbourhood to see if you can drop by to donate some items.

Why should you donate toys or teddy bears?

If you have any old toys or cuddly toys lying around the house, you will be doing a lot of children a favour by taking them to one of the above (or other) organisations or places. The demand for cheap (or free) toys and cuddly toys is greatest at peak moments when underprivileged parents buy toys for their children: the end of the year, the start of the new school year or Easter. In this way, you help a family to get a nice gift at an affordable price.