Reusable Coffee Pad for Senseo Classic



The Coffeeduck changes your entire coffee experience: your Senseo coffee machine becomes a real espresso machine and you no longer need to buy individual pads.

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With this Reusable Senseo Coffee Pad you turn your Senseo coffee machine into an espresso machine. In fact, the Coffeeduck is a metal holder that fits into your Senseo coffee maker and is suitable for ground coffee. You will be surprised of the many possibilities!

The Coffeeduck is suitable for all types of coffee, from instant to finely ground espresso coffee. You can dose from 5 to 14 grams of loose coffee in the Coffeeduck (regular paper pads contain 7 grams of coffee). Preparing one cup of coffee requires about 20 seconds more than with a paper pod.

Good to know

  • The Coffeeduck is dishwasher safe and will last for years
  • Retains the foam head on your cup of coffee
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Cheaper than Senseo coffee pads
  • Suitable for following Senseo-machines: HD7800, HD7810, HD7811, HD7812, HD7814, HD7816, HD7817, HD7818

Before using your Reusable Senseo Coffee Pad:

  1. Make sure your Senseo is clean and in good working order and check that the Coffeeduck fits properly
  2. Clean the Coffeeduck with soap and water and dry it thoroughly

How to use the Reusable Senseo Coffee Pad:

  1. Fill the Coffeeduck with coffee, preferably finely ground or espresso grade
    1. If you use a fast-brew filter grade or coarsely ground coffee, always fill the Coffeeduck completely (up to 4 mm below the top rim) for the taste you prefer.
    2. If you use a finely ground or espresso grade coffee, fill the Coffeeduck from half to completely full (up to 4 mm below the top rim) for the taste you prefer.
  2. Place the aroma filter on the clean top rim.
  3. Close the Senseo.
  4. Press the 1-cup or 2-cup button.

After using the Reusable Senseo Coffee Pad: 

  1. Open your Senseo coffee maker.
  2. Remove the Coffeeduck from the coffee maker.
  3. Remove the aroma filter.
  4. Tap the Coffeeduck to remove the coffee grounds and/or rinse it clean under the tap.
  5. Dry the Coffeeduck in preparation for the next time you want to use it.