Set of 10 Washable Cotton Pads


Every year, 3.5 billion kilograms of disposable tissues end up on landfill sites worldwide. Reason enough to choose this set of 10 washable cotton pads. They are made of soft organic cotton and sewn with a cotton thread.

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How do you use these washable cotton pads?

  • Wash them before the first use to improve their absorbency.
  • Let your make-up remover or toner soak into your cotton pad for a second or two before starting your routine.
  • You can use both sides of the cotton.

How do you care for your cotton pads to last as long as possible?

  • Rinse your cotton pad thoroughly with water and a little soap after use and let it dry flat.
  • For machine washing, simply put them together in the laundry net.
  • Wash your cotton by hand or in the machine in the laundry net with your white laundry at 30°. 4. Use the washing machine only occasionally to reduce wear and extend its life.
  • We advise you not to use the dryer. Instead, air dry.
  • Do not use the pads to remove nail polish.

Packaging: Delivered in the laundry net, without any additional packaging except a small kraft label.
Weight: 42 grams