Sisal Soap Pouch


This sisal soap bag is a completely stylish solution for any shampoo bar or conditioner bar. All our soap bars fit in this handy storage bag. This makes it easy to take to your sports club, on holiday or to a sleepover.

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The bag can be closed with a drawstring, making it easy to use. Because the bag has an open structure, it lets a lot of soap or conditioner through and it foams up nicely.

Why do you use a soap bag?

  1. To contribute to the environment: it catches crumbled pieces of your soap bar, so no soap is lost.
  2. To make it easier to enjoy your soap: by rubbing the bag with soap inside over your skin, more lather is released more quickly and you exfoliate your skin more healthily.
  3. Because it is easy to re-use. Enjoy!

What is ‘sisal’?
The tropical fibre sisal is extracted from leaves of the Agave family. It is durable, sustainable and biodegradable. Another good thing: the sisal fibres are not treated with chemicals. With sisal in your home you are therefore environmentally aware.