Reusable Food Wrap


This vegan reusable food wrap is made with plant based wax, jojoba oil and organic cotton. It’s one of the best alternatives to plastic cling film (or cling wrap) or aluminium foil when it comes to covering food. Our food wraps are 100% vegan, natural and free of plastic, aluminium and toxic chemicals.

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Packaging: none
Origin: Spain
Coated with: candelilla wax, plant-based resin and berry wax (Rhus Verniciflua)

Size guide:

  • Small: 20 x 21 cm
    It is ideal to cover half avocado, vegan cheese pieces or small fruits.
  • Medium: 25 x 28 cm
    Perfect for a piece of vegan cheese, half a fruit or to cover a small bowl or food container. You can also use it to wrap two bread-roll sandwiches.
  • Large: 33 x 36 cm
    Perfect for half a lettuce or melon. You can use it on salad bowls and to wrap two bread-roll sandwiches.
  • Extra Large: 42 x 46 cm
    Perfect for a watermelon or pumpkin. You can use it on large bowls and to wrap a loaf of bread.

Product use:

  • During the first few uses, they may leave behind a small amount of wax residue on the containers, but this will decrease as you continue using them. Anyway, you can easily clean this off with a sponge.
  • To soften and mould them to the container or piece of food, use your hands to warm them. Once the wrap has been moulded and put in place, it cools in a few seconds maintaining the shape you have given it.
  • The food wraps are suitable for freezing. However, if you plan to freeze them for more than a few days the wax could be altered and the lifespan of the wrap will be reduced.
  • Depending on how often you use them and how well you care for them, the wraps can last between 6 months and a year. Once the wax has worn away, the fabric can be re-purposed into a handkerchief, napkin or serviette.

Product care:

  • Clean with cold water (soapy water if necessary) rubbing very gently. It is important that you only use cold water, warm to hot water can melt the wax and damage the food wrap.
  • Leave to air dry and once dry store in a dry place away from any heat.
  • It is not recommended that you use them on a hot day at the beach, because the wax coating can soften considerably in the heat making it easy for tiny grains of sand to stick to the wrap surface.


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